Death Rattle Roll

by Mondo Deco

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Sacramento, California rock quartet Mondo Deco prepares to release a fiery ten-song power pop blitz on March 2nd.

2016 was a hard year for musicians. Prince. David Bowie. Leon Russell. Leonard Cohen. Miraculously, Mondo Deco managed to evade catastrophe, if only just barely. A flooded studio, crashed computer, and roadside retirement of the band-hauler all tested the band’s resolve to wrap its second studio full-length, following their debut album Pleasurefaith.

However, the year wasn’t all bad for the group. In February, they floored a packed house with a feature tribute to the recently passed David Bowie, part of an art showcase curated by (Death Rattle Roll cover artist) Melissa Uroff. Then in April, the band dropped an inspired lo-fi split EP, Supercassette H/MD (Mechanical Bull Records) alongside self-described peyote-tonkers Honyock. That was, of course, on top of a full and meandering schedule of gigs.

Amidst the chaos, they manged to complete the new album, Death Rattle Roll, engineered and produced by Scott McChane. The songs are quick and brash: bright power pop melodies with explosive drums and guitar. This bubblegum-stomp aesthetic obscures lyrics that wrestle with anxiety, addiction, paranoia and loneliness. It is the determination to push beyond these demons that drives the album with stiff-lipped defiance.

Mondo Deco will unleash Death Rattle Roll on Thursday, March 2nd 2017 with a release show at the Press Club in Sacramento. Joining them will be alternative rock band Sun Valley Gun Club and garage pop act Dog Rifle. Death Rattle Roll will release as a limited edition handmade hybrid CD with a unique disc design that allows digital play in a CD player and is grooved for use on a record turntable.


released March 2, 2017

Produced by Scott McChane and Mondo Deco
Mixed by Scott McChane at Sharkbite Studios (Oakland, CA)
Recorded at the Hangar (Sacramento, CA) and the Dock (Sacramento, CA)
Mastered by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering (Portland, OR)

Backing vocals on "Mary's Form": Amanda Chavez


all rights reserved



Mondo Deco Sacramento, California

"Mondo Deco feels a little dirty, like you have discovered something you are not supposed in a seedy club. They are raw and real and even a bit extreme, however they have my attention. It is fantastic to stumble upon something so different and still so familiar. The world could use a little more rough tension to their rock and roll." -Melissa Uroff (Tube Magazine) ... more

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Track Name: Fifteen Seconds
Fifteen seconds all alone is a long time
Fifteen seconds all alone

Tired of getting caught up
In tightening up my tourniquet
That wrings around my neck
Why I'm working up a sweat
I'm too tongue tied
To give you my two cents
Living my life
One check to the next

Confident in life
Expressing the right interest
I'm running down the clock
Checking how the weight will press
Managing my time
Only what will suit me best
A luxury apartment
In the east side or the west

Been spending all your time all alone
But spending no time out on your own

Call a day a week
The same as far as I can tell
More in store for us
No guarantee it will go will
Ravenous affliction
You call it a dimming wit
We claw, grip, spit
For a piece of pie to split
Track Name: Last One to Enter
Last one to enter
Last one to leave
Last one to let you
Under my sleeve
You can recall
All that was done
Step out of focus

Get so high
You've never been low
You're too young to try
That's how it goes
You get so

I'll never need you
Or so it seems
Learn how to let you
Walk on my dreams
You can't recall
All that was done
Step out of focus

You wanna stop and go
You won't stop
You won't stop

Last one to enter
Last to leave
Last one to let you
Never receive
You can recall
All that was done
Step out of focus

You wanna kick
But you can't do it
Why don't you give it up
You’re always trying to fix
Track Name: Don't Go Out
Scrapin’ on the sidewalk
Drag your feet along the street
You give it what you feel it’s worth
Somebody drank your soul
Now the bottle’s on the floor
Rocking back and forth

All your preoccupation
With a list of ways that you feel worthless
Let me ask you this:

Are you alone?
What’s that about?
I ask you: don’t go out

Everything you see
Everything you do
You try not to resent
Where along the line
Did you dry up on the vine?
You had a carefree bent
I don’t know where it went
Everyone you meet
You keep it so discreet
A killer so demur
First it was a game and
Then it felt the same and
Now it’s just a blur

Like a kiss with no passion
A peck from Aunty’s lips
You get on Christmas
It’s useless

Are you alone?
What’s that about?
There’s no need to shout
I ask you: don’t go out

Are you alone?
What’s that about?
Why don’t you go?
There’s no need to shout
Are you alone?
I’ll hear you out
Track Name: Get You Well
Grabbing hold of reigns
Before your age, that's right
Too well adjusted
Helps you sleep at night
Well alright, alright

Learn to walk
Before you ever learn to stand
Complicated thing
I wanna be your man
Come take my hand

Didn't I get you well? 
I'll get you well
Ima get you well
Oh well, oh well

Someone tell me lies
The kind I like to hear
Like she don't care about nobody else
I'll suit myself

Fancy hoodoo tricks
I'm not impressed
Balance beam affection
Only a test
I'm enslaved to your touch
Simply the best
Set that voodoo free
I'll do the rest

I have taken all that I can take right now
Don't you know
You're burning me to the ground?
That fiery sound
Track Name: Should've Known
Should’ve known it all along
Should’ve known it all along
But how could we go wrong?
Should’ve known it all, all along

Day turns to night
Are you feeling alright?
You won’t give in
Not without a fight
Blood on the floor
Is that what you’re waiting for
Or is there really something you want more?

When you’re trapped in
And you can’t break out
There’s no great big end
Just a long fade out
Of a sad sad refrain
When there’s nobody to blame
It’s almost over now, this song without a name
Track Name: Silent Partner
Guess I sure know how to pick 'em
Another martyr playing the victim
Tell me your problems and I'll fix 'em

Not too happy in the middle
And you've never felt so little
Treat every question like a riddle

Your silent partner
I'm here to haunt ya
Give you all you wanted
And you still want more
I'll be your silent partner
The kind to haunt ya

Comatose and still excited
All put together and divided
Just sit back don't try to fight it
Track Name: Mary's Form
So you know
All there is to love and war
Or just enough to rest assured
You alone
Knows what's best for your own show
Absentees in your front row

I'm forever never yours

See your ghost
Compliment your taste in clothes
Gotta carnal urge to grab ahold
Head to toe
Delicate, strong as bone
Buy some time to call my own

I'm forever never yours
Altogether never yours

Harbor thoughts to toss your heart around
Feel the cold blood rush exciting your skin
Gone to spread your heart all over town
Until there's nothing left at all of you to sink in

Mary's form
Shrouded in a call to war
Battlefield has left you torn
Roses scorn
Pedals plucked stuck with thorns
Solace in revolving doors
Track Name: Big Talker
You know exactly what to call it
Hands and belly when you crawl in 
Don't pretend you know where to begin

Now you
You’ve been making waves like rain on rooftops
You've been saying things that make my ears pop
Make an earthquake sound just like a pin drop

Why won't you leave?

Tell me to listen right here
Here in my head you are invasive
And you can be so persuasive
I'm thinking of calling it a day

Because I'm choking
I'm feeling battered and broken 
You've been saying things
That my make my ears pop
Make an earthquake sound just like a pin drop

Details, you know damn well you're dead wrong
You don't really care
If so we won't tiptoe we carry on
Life's the short affair
Look at who's calling all the shots
He's just a big talker
Little walker
Quick to open your mouth too soon
Your head’s a popped balloon

Flaunt what you lack
Act like you win
I'm keeping track to tally up the little nothings

Goddamn with your flimflam
And all of that jibber jabber 
I can't hear your chatter
Quick to open your mouth too soon
But everyone left the room
Track Name: I Miss You
No stimulation
Just imitation
No relation to sensations that I’m thinking about
My hands are shaking
My heart is breaking
Tired of making do and going without
When I wake up in the morning
No will to start another carbon copy day
They’re all the same, they’re all the same

I miss you

I hope you show up
Before I blow up
And make the evening newscast for a serious crime
I got a feeling
A funny feeling that it’s only just a matter of time
But nobody really gets it
They just can’t understand it, why I just can’t play
Oh, they’re all same, yeah, they’re all the same
Track Name: Tracing the Line
Don’t wanna tell you what you already know
Just trying to tell you what you already won’t know
I can see the future and it’s already passed
The time we know in no way will it last

Way back when boredom was our only complaint
Looking back the times seem so quaint
Now everyone I know is at the end of their rope
No hope

Don’t waste your breath
Bracing for death
Why waste your time
Tracing the line

You know I’d pay a penny for your thoughts
We’ll talk it over from-the-bottle shots
I know we can make it if we just hold on
Hold on

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